Sedgefield Locality Group is one of the three locality groups which make up Durham Dales, Easington & Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group (DDES CCG). The other two groups cover Durham Dales and Easington. Sedgefield Locality Group covers roughly the same area as the former Sedgefield District Council.

Locality base

Sedgefield Community Hospital
Salters Lane
TS21 3EE

 Tel: (0191) 3713222
Fax: (0191) 3713223

Sedgefield Locality Leadership

Dr Helen Moore
Dr Winny Jose

Decision making:

Sedgefield Locality Executive Committee

Members: Practice Managers, GP’s, Lay Members.

Chair: Dr Helen Moore and Dr Winny Jose

Task Groups

Addressing health priorities in Sedgefield Locality

Care Closer to Home
Dr W. Jose
Clinical Quality
Dr H. Moore
Dr W. Jose
Mental Health
Dr R. McKinty
Dr P Jones
Performance, Monitoring & Contracting
Mrs G. Johnson (Practice Manager)
Research & Innovation
Dr Dinah Roy 

Other GP groups for: End of Life, Medicines Management, Cardio-Vascular, and Child Protection.

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