Durham Career Start Scheme

Helen Hobson Practice Manager, Dr Victoria Middleton, Dr Martin Jones, GP Trainer, and Dr Jonathan Smith, Clinical Chairman of NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG.

Helen Hobson Practice Manager, Dr Victoria Middleton, Dr Martin Jones, GP Trainer, and Dr Jonathan Smith, Clinical Chairman of NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG.

In 2015, NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched a new scheme to attract GPs from across the UK to work in the area. The scheme is now run in conjunction with NHS North Durham CCG.

The GP ‘Career Start’ scheme invites applicants to apply from across the UK salaried GP posts (Salary £8k per session – there is also a paid PDP session each week), based in practices across the Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield. The successful applicants will receive two year’s joint funding from the CCG and Health Education North East.

The GPs will receive mentorship as well as help to focus on their clinical and personal development and the opportunity to take part in a range of educational activities.

Just added – vacancy for Public Health joint posts

Application Process

If you are interested in joining the scheme please refer to the table to identify which practices fit best with the number of sessions, and the type of job which suits you best. Please read the practice profiles and contact the individual practice(s) to arrange to discuss/visit/interview. If you could also please email either Dr Jonathan Smith, jonathansmith.ddes@nhs.net (DDES) or Dr Patrick Ojechi, patrick.ojechi@nhs.net (North Durham) to register your interest. Once you and the practice have agreed terms and set a start date you will be accepted onto the scheme.

GP PracticePractice ManagerSessionsTraditional Career Start SchemeJoint GP and Hospital PostJoint GP and University Post
Avenue Family PracticeTracey Milburn
0191 5130884
3 to 7YesYesYes
Belmont and SherburnGary Holmes
0191 3847577
Blackhall and Peterlee SurgeryAntony White
0191 586 4331
Brandon Lane SurgeryKaren Wood
0191 3782099
4 to 8YesYesYes
Bridge End Surgery
Paul Dodds
0191 3883236
4 to 8YesYesYes
Cardoc PracticeElaine Wilkinson
01429 8382178
Cestria Health CentreDenise Hunter
0191 3887771
Coxhoe Medical PracticeBarbara Jones
0191 3770340
Deneside PracticeWendy Thompson
0191 300 9631
7 to 10YesYesYes
Middle Chare Medical GroupBecky Hutchinson
0191 5947654
6 to 8YesYesYes
Murton Medical GroupLesley Anne Williams
0191 517 0170
3 to 6YesYesYes
New Seaham Medical GroupKaren Soks
0191 581 7661
4 to 8YesYesYes
Old Forge SurgeryJane Dickson
01833 640217
4 to 8YesYesYes
Peaseway Medical CentreLynn Morton
01325 528000
Pelton and Fellrose Medical GroupCarole Lee
0191 3700620
Queens Road SurgeryCalum Porter
01207 585890
4 to 8Yes
Stanley Medical GroupSue Elsbury
01207 285800
7 MaximumYesYesYes
Tanfield View medical GroupKim Beedham
01207 232384
West Rainton SurgerySamantha McErlane
0191 5843809



PrintCurrent vacancies

Vacancies for phase II of the GP Career Start Scheme are available at the following surgeries. Please click on the attachments below to see details:

Avenue Family Practice
Belmont and Sherburn Medical Group
Blackhall and Peterlee Surgery Murton Medical Group
Brandon Lane Surgery New Seaham Medical Group
Bridge End Surgery Old Forge Surgery
Caradoc Practice Peaseway Medical Centre
Cestria Health Centre Pelton and Fellrose Medical Group
Coxhoe Medical Practice Queens Road Surgery
Deneside Practice Skerne Medical Group
Horden Group Practice Stanley Medical Group
Middle Chare Medical Group Tanfield View Medical Group

Joint Hospital/GP Posts

Recognising the increasing popularity of portfolio careers, we are also working with two of our local Foundation Trusts to offer joint-posts between primary and secondary care. These posts will be based half time in a GP surgery of your choice, and half time working in a hospital setting in one of the following specialties:

  • Dermatology
  • Acute Medicine
  • Elderly Care
  • Paediatrics
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health

These posts will have a strong development component in both General Practice (linked to our Career Start Scheme) and the hospital specialty, with the aim of getting further qualifications and working towards either GPwSI or associate specialist level. There will be a weekly education session on a Thursday afternoon which is protected. These sessions will alternate between hospital speciality and general practice.

We anticipate these posts will appeal to GP’s who are keen to develop an additional interest, and keen to work as part of a hospital team as well as a primary care team.

The final details of these posts have yet to be agreed, but we expect our website to be updated by 15th July

There is a Consultant responsible for each speciality, who will agree a PDP with you depending on your existing experience. You will get all the necessary training required to get you up and running on the wards/clinics. We anticipate that some of these posts will include on-call working to fully integrate with the team. These posts are an important part of both primary and secondary care workforce planning for the future.

To discuss these roles further please contact: Dr Jonathan Smith (jonathansmith.ddes@nhs.net)  who will put you in touch with the consultant for the speciality you are interested in.


GP Career Start Teaching Fellows

Successful applicants to the GP Career Start Scheme run by Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield (DDES) practice and CCG may request to be attached to Newcastle University for two sessions a week as a GP Clinical Teaching Fellow.

You will be attached to the primary care teaching team within the School of Medical Education, under Dr Hugh Alberti (sub-dean). This team of a dozen GPs supervise and coordinate the clinical teaching of 350 students per year across 200 general practices in the Northern region including within the DDES area. The University team will supply the supervision, support and structure for the two sessions in education.

These sessions will comprise of:

  1. Completing the Certificate (or Diploma if certificate previously completed) in Medical Education at Newcastle University
  2. Undertaking an educational project relevant to the needs of the CCG (e.g. career intentions of students)
  3. Primary care undergraduate teaching within the CCG area at local practices
  4. During your period of attachment you will have honorary status at the School of Medical Education.

It is important that we continue to attract highly qualified GPs to our region. We live in a beautiful part of the country and we need to use this as a marketing tool to attract the best candidates possible to our area. The GP ‘Career Start’ scheme will help us to do that.

We hope that after completing the first two years of these salaried posts (hosted by individual practices) that the candidates will be ready to take the next step to partnership in a practice in our area. High levels of GP retirement are anticipated in the next two to five years, so, planning ahead for us is vital. Our practices are keenly aware of this and want to ensure that these posts will allow candidates to flourish.

Dr Stewart Findlay, Chief Clinical Officer, NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG & Dr Neil O’Brien, Chief Clinical Officer, NHS North Durham CCG

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Where to find more information

Please view our GP Career Start Scheme Brochures:

NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG

NHS North Durham

You can also email Dr Jonathan Smith at jonathan.smith7@nhs.net (DDES) or Dr Patrick Ojechi, patrick.ojechi@nhs.net (North Durham)